Friday, December 24, 2010

Pack of Cards & tags

I have been busy making cards for my friend as her Mom loves homemade cards and she wanted to give her some for Christmas. I had some trouble and I came across a blog that gave me my inspiration and drive back. As I hit a rock and could not even create one thing. Tracy thank you so much for bringing my head and heart back to where it belonged. Sorry I was so focused on making them I failed to write any of the things down I did, as in measurements :(

Hope you guys like them.


  1. Adorable cards! :D Happy Christmas to your and your family!


  2. Love the googly eyes on the horse and dragon. Merry CHRISTmas

  3. How ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! The horse is my favorite!!! :) So cute! I hope you had a great Christmas!! :)

  4. This is very nice, you did a great job on your project, thanks so much for joining the M.A.G. Challenge, by the Page!!!

  5. Adorable cards! I've enjoyed looking at your blog. I found your blog through Feline Playful.