Sunday, November 21, 2010

Attitude Blog Award

I've received the 'Attitude Blog' award from Celeste at CC's Cards and Crafts! My first blog award! Thanks Celeste! Means ALOT coming from you!

(From what I can tell, both thumbnails go for the same award even with different names)

To accept this award I need to say three things that make me different from everyone else and then I have to pass it on to five other blogs.  After that I'll display the award on my blog and I can receive a $5 gift certificate from Digi's With Attitude (click here for details).

So here you go:

3 thing that make me different:
1.  I have no problem not acting my age, especially with my kids :)
2.  I try to challenge myself into doing something new every once in awhile - my last challenge was CONTACTS! PHEW.. if ya knew me you would know this was a GIANT step!
3.  My kids are my life, and no one is going to take that away from me!

5 people I want to award this to (in no particular order):
1. Amy at Tsuruta Designs
2. Misty at The Daily Scrapper
3. Vanessa at Banessa, Banessa, Banessa
4.  Debbie at DD's Crafts
5.   Susan at It's Me Susan P

These are a few of the blogs that I absolutely love!  All of these ladies are so amazing - they will inspire you with their creations!  Thanks for sharing your amazing talents ladies!!!!  I'm a big fan! :)


  1. thank you so much this means alot to me even if I already have it, I will still take it so thank you again, I love these awards Debbie

  2. Lisa, thanks soooo much for passing along this fun award to me! You're sooo very sweet to think of me!!!!

    Have a super week!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your award with me. It means so much when a fellow scrapper likes your stuff :), Vanessa