Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fun Weekend for my DD.. HA!

Ok so if you are a friend of mine on facebook you already know that my daughter had to have a "Weekend Visitor" for homework. She had to bring home a "Think it over baby".  Yes Mom has been laughing supportive about this for the last two days... She has to care for it every time it cries. Which means getting up in the middle of the night, stopping everything she was doing at any point and time, and taking it out in public. You should of seen the looks we were getting while at Joanns!
So lets all welcome Michael Dean to the family for a weekend shall we?

She is not looking to happy with me here is she? :)

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  1. HAHAHA - wait . . . can we laugh? Because it's really hard not to! I did the flour baby, but my brothers did the realistic baby. That makes me smile. :)