Sunday, November 7, 2010

Posters for my Son

I wanted to share with you what I have been doing all day. (Thinking my son better love me for this one!).  Not very creative but good enough to put a smile on an 11 year old's face. You see my son is running for Treasurer and they don't give you much notice. So I had to make 20 posters TODAY  for him to take to school tomorrow. He told me what he wanted on them and I made it happen. (Yes I know they are very plain and boring but he liked them!). Lets just say my Expression and my Gypsy got their workout today! He wanted pictures on the posters too, so I brought him in from playing outside to take some and BOY was he a ham for them! But honestly I think the poses he made where spot on & all his idea! I will post those separate on here as they are hard to see on the posters.
I went through 3 1/2 Xyron rolls of 1.5 in sticker tape to make these, but honestly it was SO worth it. Those handy little gadgets make it all worth it!
The letters are from Country Life cut at 1.5 inches then welded together. The dollar signs were from Plantin Schoolbook. I welded two of them together at a slant then just cut one out by itself. The one that was cut out by itself was size 1 inch.

Loving the hammy pictures, don't you? :) The only idea I had for the whole thing was the wad of money he has in his hands. 1 $20 and the rest are all the $2 bills we have saved up for him. 
So I gave him the "Now if you don't win please don't be upset" talk, but secretly I think I might be if he doesn't... LOL

Edit: HE WON!! YES!! My boy is now the school treasurer! Is this where I put my speech? Yes.. Yes.. it was all my hard work that made my son a winner he he he

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  1. This is too funn! So you arent the only funny one in the fam lol.

  2. That is soooo awesome. Congrats to the new treasurer.

  3. What a great mom Ben has! Congrats to him!