Friday, October 15, 2010

Anniversary Card

Happy Friday everyone... I spent the day doing well, pretty much nothing but going to garage sale's & the cheap dollar stores around town. Today is DH's and My Anniversary so I made him a card. I didn't want it to be too girly though as he is not into those sorts of things (might worry if he was). Its a woman's touch kind of card with a lil' bit o' man in it. (I used brads that look like screws for the matting lol). He actually said it was a pretty neat card, which for him to say something like that is really awesome cause he is the funny guy in the family and his usual response is "Swell". :) love it. So really its just a gate card cut at 10 x 7 and then scored at 2 1/2 and scored again at 7 1/2. I made the matt on the outside 6 inches for the first layer (might be 6 1/2) and then just layered down from there. The sentiment on the card is all done on my computer. Outside it says Happy Anniversary and on the inside I just couldn't resist to keep with the "funny" man aspect of my marriage. It says "After 6 years in this sacred institution of marriage, I can safely say: There's no one else with whom I would rather be institutionalized!"
This was also my first attempt at doing some embossing with glitter and well.. lets just say the jury is still out on this until I can get my scrap room and really play around with it. It's just too messy to do at my dinning room table. 
Going to work on some of my challenges I am behind on this weekend so you will see more posted from me. And while I was out and about I picked up things here and there to put together some blog candy for something special! I will get a pic of it all later and get it posted with the rules for entry!

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