Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DCWV Have blown us away yet again!

Yes.. I said that right.. DCWV has blown us all away with their AMAZING new paper that comes in 12x24 and.. ready.. ITS ADHESIVE! You will get a 36 sheet stack of 12x24 paper...12 sheets solid cardstock, 12 sheets printed cardstock, 12 sheets solid glitter cardstock...and all of it ADHESIVE!!! ((hmmm did I already mention it was ADHESIVE?). You will be able to find it in Joann's for around $40 retail. I don't know about you but I am SO on my way to Joann's! Of course this means I will have to finally break down and buy myself a 12x24 cutting mat too. The shame of it all! :) Head over to their blog right now to be entered into a chance to win one of these awesome packs for yourself! DCWV Diary

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