Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still around..

Ok so I have not had much time to scrap lately as I had a full weekend last weekend going camping with my son's boy scout troop. It was a BLAST! (Even though it got down into the lower 30's the second night camping in a tent!). I was so upset with myself as I forgot my camera too! I did manage to get one picture on my phone of all the things... my son learning how to start a fire without matches or a lighter! (Ohhh help me here lol). I will figure out how to get that picture on here later though. Or will use it to make a scrap page and post it! (Ok so I just figured out how to get the picture on here! HA!
Still working on those bags for halloween but will try to work on something else this weekend AFTER I go to the Convention in KC for scrapbooking! This will be my first one guys! My SIL told me to take ONLY cash and no debit cards or credit cards because she says I will go nuts once I am there if I have that plastic in hand. I think she knows me pretty well huh?

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